written by Daniel on Sun Jun 27 2021

The web is in my DNA

I'm a frontend developer based in Prague. I make interactive web apps using Typescript and React. Besides frontend, I'm also interested in devops and systems programming. Currently, I work with Applifting, a digital products agency and an amazing company striving to become a teal organization.

I've been curious about computer systems ever since I can remember. I wrote my first page of HTML when I was 12, then discovered Javascript, PHP and C++. In college, I took a detour into the world of finance and came back to the web in 2019.

These are some projects I worked on so far on my frontend journey. Write me an email or let's connect on LinkedIn if you'd like to get in touch.

BankID developer portal & end-user apps

BankID is an identity aggregator that brokers end user identities between major Czech banks and commercial 3rd parties. Based on OAuth2, it is a secure and privacy-sustaining solution that enables end users to prove their identity to 3rd parties using their established, AML-grade identity with their bank.

As one of two frontend devs, I developed the BankID developer portal, the end user bank selection screen, a self-care portal and backoffice interface, as well as managed other architectural elements such as CMS and an image resizing tool.

Typescript React Next.js GraphQL REST Tailwind Docker Kubernetes GitLab CI OAuth2 Node.js

DX Scanner

Interactive metrics dashboard and a landing page for DX Scanner, an open source tool by DX Heroes which helps teams improve their developer experience.

As lead frontend developer, I was responsible for the stack setup and development with the help of a junior dev.

Typescript React Next.js GraphQL Tailwind Docker Kubernetes GitLab CI


Xixoio was an Ethereum-based platform connecting companies aiming to offer tokens to potential investors.

I started in a junior role under the mentorship of a senior coworker. As I progressed towards a mid-level position, I became the solo frontend developer.

Typescript React Next.js GraphQL REST Redux SCSS Tailwind Docker Terraform GitLab CI